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NOR began in 2010 as a digital publisher with one objective in mind: infringe cultural and linguistic borders. From 2012, it extended its activities to paper books, Print-on-Demand and multimedia projects. In its catalogue – series "Le Grazie" – you may find all the works in ebook format of the 1926 Nobel laureate for Literature Grazia Deledda.

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Bona Pasca Manna a totus!

Bona Pasca Manna a totus!

 31 March 2024 News

"S´universu a bolu" a Quartu Sant´Elena

Mercoledì 20 marzo, alle ore 18, Matteo Tuveri presenta S´universu a bolu a Quartu Sant'Elena presso l'Ex Convento...

 20 March 2024 Events

"Cronache di anime erranti" a Sassari

Venerdì 8 marzo, alle ore 18.30, Eliano Cau presenta Cronache di anime erranti a Sassari presso la libreria Messaggerie...

 8 March 2024 Events